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Waiting list for PSMS Navigation class

PSMS Forest Navigation Class - for sometime in 2020

Most PSMS members know that the club organizes 4-7 field trips every Spring and again every Fall.  Some of these are single Saturday trips and others are multi day.  On each Saturday of each trip we have experienced members volunteering as guides to take primarily new members mushroom hunting.  The guides know most of the commonly found mushrooms, but more importantly than that, they know how to get you safely back out of the woods to your starting point.  Each of them has had some navigation training, and in fact this training is a requirement for becoming a guide.  We have just filled our 2 navigation classes for August 2019.  We will likely have another class in 2020, but wanted to gauge the level of interest among PSMS members in this class. The class content is listed below:

Content:  We will focus on the use of compass and GPS (Global Positioning System) to teach you how to be always able to return to your starting point.  To accomplish this we will cover:

  • basic compass use
  • how to use a compass to follow a bearing and a reverse bearing
  • how to use waypoints on a GPS
  • how to navigate to waypoints?
  • the comparative advantages and disadvantages of GPS vs compass
  • navigational techniques not based on either the GPS or compass


  • average fitness
  • the ability to walk off trail, possibly through thick brush
  • a compass (if you don’t want to own one, you should not take this class)
  • a stand alone GPS or a smart phone GPS application (I use GAIA, and there is a free version, but there are other choices also)
  • a willingness to read the instructions and practice with the GPS/app before class

Location:  We will meet at a location on the west side of the Cascades. 

NOTE: The date given for this event is a placeholder only, since a date has not been set for this class. 

Location: TBD

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